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Welcome to S-Bank

S-Bank is a Finnish bank that wants to make it possible for all its customers to increase their wealth. We want to offer you a little more than you would expect from a bank. We are reforming the banking business by offering superior ease and benefits to customers by combining banking and retail services. Our daily banking services S-Bank account, S-Etukortti Visa, online banking and S-mobiili are free of charge for all S Group co-op members. We provide all our customers with an account, payment card and online banking ID.

We primarily serve our customers in Finnish and Swedish. On this page, we have also included some basic information in English about how to open an account. Please note that you can only use S-Bank’s online banking service and the S-mobiili app in Finnish and Swedish.

To open an account, you need

  • a Finnish personal identity code,
  • a valid identity document
  • a valid address in the EU/EEA.

Please note that we serve our customers primarily in Finnish and Swedish. We provide all our customers with an account, payment card and online banking ID.

If you need the help of an interpreter to access the services, please note that the interpreter must speak Finnish or Swedish, be over 18 years of age and have legal capacity.

Osio otsikolla ID documents

We will always verify your identity with an official identity card issued by an authority. We accept a passport or identity card issued by the Finnish authorities as proof of identity. We also accept identification documents issued by a foreign authority, such as a passport, or a passport or identity card issued by an EU or EEA authority. The identification document must include your photograph and it must be valid and in good condition.

Note that if you have a foreign identification document, there may be restrictions on the services available to you.

We accept the following identification documents:

Issued by the Finnish authorities

  • a passport (except an emergency passport, alien passport or refugee travel document)
  • an identity card (issued after 1 March 1999)

Issued by the authorities of other countries

  • a passport
  • an identity card serving as a travel document issued by the authorities of EEA member states, Switzerland and San Marino

For cash withdrawals, in addition to the above, the following documents issued by a Finnish authority will be accepted

  • a temporary identity card
  • a driver's licence (issued after 1 October 1990)

How to open an account

Our services are primarily aimed at S Group’s co-op members, who can enjoy all the best benefits offered by S-Bank. We serve our customers mainly in Finnish and Swedish.

You can book an appointment, or drop by at our service point without a booking when visiting one of our stores, for example.

Please note concerning appointments

We will confirm the appointment by a phone call before the meeting. The confirmation call will be made either in English or Finnish, so please make sure that the recipient of the call speaks one of these languages.

If you intend to use an interpreter, please add the details of the interpreter on the appointment form under Lisää toinen osallistuja.




Find our nearest customer service point

Make full use of our free banking services

Account, card and online banking € 0

We offer S Group co-op members an account, a card and online banking free of charge. With these codes, you can do your banking online and on S‑mobiili 24/7. Please note that S-mobiili and online banking are available in Finnish and Swedish. You can get the codes at one of our customer service points. Avoid queues by booking an appointment in advance.

S-Etukortti Visa is good where ever you go

With S-Etukortti Visa, you can pay and withdraw cash anywhere in the world and accumulate Bonus and payment method benefit for purchases from S Group outlets. If you have S-Bank’s online banking codes, you can apply for debit and credit cards through our online banking service.

S-Bank account is a free bank account for S Group co-op members

S-Bank account is S-Bank’s convenient bank account for everyday finances. You can direct payments such as student grants, wages, child benefits or pensions to it. When you link S-Etukortti Visa to your bank account, you can also withdraw cash from Visa cash points in Finland and abroad and also pay for your purchases online. Your Bonus and payment method benefit will also be paid to the account monthly.

You can use S-Bank’s online banking services on your computer or tablet or via a smartphone web browser. You can also access banking services via the S-mobiili app that you can download on your phone. 

We recommend that you always log into the online banking service by typing in the address bar of your web browser and then proceed to the online banking services via the Log in ("Kirjaudu") button at the top right of the page.

There are two ways to log into the online banking services. S-mobiili makes authentication quick, easy and secure. When using S-mobiili authentication, you do not have to worry about running out of key codes or carrying a key code list with you. You can also log into online banking services with a key code list.

Logging into online banking services with S-mobiili

You can log into online banking services using S-mobiili, by scanning the QR code on the online bank’s login page with your phone’s camera or by entering your online bank user ID.

Logging in with a QR code

  1. Open your S-mobiili using your personal user ID, fingerprint or Face ID.
  2. Select the Me ("Minä") section from the S-mobiili sub-menu and press Read QR code.
  3. Point your phone’s camera at the QR code displayed on your computer screen.
  4. Identify yourself on S-Mobiili using your user ID, fingerprint or Face ID.

Log in with S-mobiili and your online banking user ID

  1. First open S-mobiili with your personal user ID, fingerprint or Face ID.
  2. Enter your online banking user ID on the online banking login page.
  3. In the S-mobiili sub-menu, select the Me ("Minä") section and press Log in.
  4. Log into S-mobiili using either your user ID, fingerprint or Face ID.

Logging into online banking services using your key code list

How to log in to online banking services using the key code list

  1. From the online banking login page, select With key code list.
  2. Enter your online banking user ID.
  3. Enter your online banking password.
  4. Enter the requested key code from the key code list.
  5. When you log into the online banking services using your key code list, we will send an SMS confirmation to your mobile phone. Please provide us with the phone number to which you would like us to send the confirmation code. The phone number you have given us will be automatically retrieved. If we do not have your number yet, you will see an example on the page of how to enter it.
  6. Enter the confirmation code you received by SMS on the online banking login page.


We serve you at our customer service points, through online banking, S-mobiili, chat, social media and S-Bank’s phone service.

We have customer service points in most Prisma stores, selected Sokos department stores and some S-market stores. At customer service points, you can do everyday banking, such as open accounts and banking IDs, order and renew cards and apply for credit cards.

If you have any questions about S-Bank’s banking services, you can contact us by phone. When you do personal banking over the phone, you will be identified with your S-Bank online banking codes or S-mobiili.

Please note, however, that we serve our customers primarily in Finnish and Swedish. S-Bank’s online banking service and S-mobiili app can only be used in Finnish or Swedish.

Our customer service number is 010 76 5800

Our customer service is available Mon–Fri from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (€0.0835/call + €0.1209/min). You will always need your online banking codes or S-mobiili identification when calling.

Book an appointment

You can book services at our customer service point, make an appointment and come and see us in person. We have around 80 customer service points serving you in Prisma stores, most Sokos department stores and selected S-markets across the country. 



Find your nearest customer service point

Keep banking secure

Using your card and doing business online is safe if you keep a few basic rules in mind. The most important thing to remember is not to give your banking codes or card details to anyone. Also make sure that the data security of the device you are using is up to date. Do not enter your card details or user credentials on a website whose address you have received as a link in an e-mail or in a message to your phone.

Banking code blocking service

tel. 09 6964 6820 (local/mobile network charge, 24 hours/day)

If your online banking codes or your phone with S-mobiili authentication are lost or stolen, you should immediately prevent their use by calling the banking code blocking service. When calling from abroad: +358 9 6964 6820.

Once blocked, you will no longer be able to use your online banking codes or S-mobiili authentication. Apply for new banking codes at our customer service point and reactivate your S-mobiili authentication.

Card blocking service

tel. 020 333 (local/mobile network charge, 24 hours/day)

If your debit or credit card has been lost or stolen, close it immediately by calling the card blocking service for all banks. The liability for any misuse of the card passes from you to S-Bank at the time of the report. When calling from abroad: +358 20 333.