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Change in S-Bank's Group Management Team


S-Bank Plc, Stock exchange release, 29 September 2023 at 10.30

Change in S-Bank's Group Management Team

Hanna Porkka, Deputy CEO and Head of the Wealth Management business, has decided to leave her position at S-Bank Group. 

“Hanna Porkka has played a pivotal role in building the Wealth Management business, which has evolved into another cornerstone of S-Bank. I’d like to thank Porkka for her excellent work," says Riika Laine-Tolonen, CEO of S-Bank.

The operations of the Wealth Management business will continue to follow the business and overall bank strategy. For the time being Porkka’s responsibilities as the Head of Wealth Management will be taken over by the Deputy Head of Wealth Management, Teri Heilala, who will also join S-Bank's Group Management Team. The search process for Porkka's successor has already begun.

Riikka Laine-Tolonen, CEO


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